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The job market is changing every second. Jobs disappear and others take their place. Together with ELANCE Work and Trickle we are joining forces to reduce the barrier to the labor market for young people.

This event will focus on jobs of the future, Tech jobs or jobs with a tech component. Inspiring, sharing knowledge and meeting each other are central to this. The event is for starters, young people and organizations to be inspired and to meet each other.

Companies also have a number of internship and starter positions available, there is the possibility to get acquainted immediately by means of a pre-planned speed date and to enter a job or internship.

Do you want to participate in this event with your company? We'd love to see that!

Before the event starts, you will have the opportunity to share two of your vacancies (internship/junior positions). Participants can respond to the vacancy online in advance. In this way, the matches can be made before the event takes place.

That gives you more time to think about what you, as a company, are looking for in a new employee.

As a participating company, you have the opportunity to...

  • that you are open to diverse Tech talent
  • ...share your vacancies in advance via the Trickle, job market page
  • new sustainable connections during pre-scheduled speed dates with candidates who are suitable for your vacancy.
  • ...contribute to change in the world of Tech by actively making connections with all the (Tech) talent in our city.

Interested? Mail to and we will contact you shortly.

Who can you meet at the event?

  • Junior
  • Junior Tech talent (alumni of Tech courses in/around Amsterdam)
  • Future (Tech) talent

Why do we combine these two target groups?

Our mission is to make the work environment more inclusive and diverse. The importance of role models (representation) is greater than ever and by combining these two target groups, we do not only ensure that you as a company find the match for your vacancy, but also contribute to the study and/or job choices that young people are about to make. These young people come into contact with others who have already been up- and/or re-skilled and see that this industry is also an opportunity for them to work in.

As a participant you will be able to...

  • … set up speed dates with companies that interest you before the event kicks off
  • … connect with other female talents within the tech community
  • … participate within expert sessions who will give concrete tips and tricks about the world of tech, self-development and how to set up the perfect cv

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